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六合彩134期开奖结果: Lil Uzi Vert Oozing in $425k of Diamonds and Gold

4/23/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Lil Uzi Vert's rocking a brand new house around his neck -- or at least the jewelry he's wearing could buy a nice house ...  with a pool, even. In-ground!

The rapper dropped a whopping $425k -- as in damn near half a million dollars -- on a new piece that tips the scales at about 3.5 pounds. Now y'know how much 150 carats of diamonds on a 14 karat gold Cuban link chain weighs. We're told the shark tooth he's wearing with it is something he previously owned, so we're guessing he actually has more than $500k around his neck. 

Uzi worked with Joe the Jeweler, aka Shyne, for about 2 months. You can tell he's thrilled with the end result. Sometimes all that glitters IS gold.

Tekashi69 I Gotti, Gotti $22.5k In New Bling

4/21/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Tekashi69 just keeps throwing his money around and this time he's doing it on several pieces of bling that put a $22,500 hole in his pocket.

The NYC rapper linked with Houston-based jeweler JimmyBoi for a pair of rings and two new grills. One ring is of a spinning 69, while the other is a spinning rainbow made out of colorful enamel. There's about 15 carats of diamonds on both atop 14k gold. Grand total ... $17,500.

We're told the grills are made out of white gold and colorful enamel and cost about $5k.

As for that dent in 6ix9ine's bank account, hardly as bad as the one he might have after Saturday's Broner vs. Vargas fight. This is more like chump change.

Lil Yachty The World Is Mine Now, Cam'ron ... Thanks to My $250k Chain!

4/19/2018 8:27 AM PDT

If Lil Yachty's insane spinning globe chain looks familiar, that's because it used to dangle around rapper Cam'ron's neck before it got a major overhaul by a famous NYC jeweler. 

We got Yachty leaving Rafaello & Co. Jewelers in the Big Apple Wednesday night with his new "Yachty's World" chain turning around his neck and it's got a super cool backstory. It once belonged to Killa Cam -- back in the early 2000s -- and read "Killa Cam Harlem World," but Cam traded it in for other pieces.

Gabriel Jacobs from Rafaello & Co. tells us it was next in line to be melted until Yachty stepped up and decided to give it the update. The spinning globe is battery operated and covered in about 150 carats of diamonds. Total price ... $250k.

Yachty was definitely thrilled with the purchase and not too concerned with any haters when we got him moments after he picked it up.  

The World is yours @lilyachty #killa

A post shared by Gabriel Jacobs #riperic (@rafaelloandco) on

Safaree Samuels Run (from) the Jewels ... Post-Armed Robbery

4/19/2018 7:02 AM PDT

Safaree Samuels is steering clear of any bling that could possibly get him caught up at gunpoint again -- he'll just stick to some window shopping for now.

We got the 'Love & Hip Hop' star Wednesday leaving the Avianne & Co. jewelry shop in NYC, and asked if he'd picked up any ice. He makes it clear -- his chain game is on hold for now.

Can't blame him ... he was recently robbed at gunpoint in New Jersey, during which the alleged perpetrators jacked upwards of $180k in cash and jewelry. Turns out, the rapper knows one of the dudes arrested for the crime ... from back when he was dating Nicki Minaj.

All things considered ... Safaree might be better served laying low on swag. However, he is still rockin' fur coats -- the one thing the robbers left untouched. He tells us why that might be. 

Cardi B Wore $400k in Diamonds At Coachella

4/19/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Cardi B wasn't just glowing from her pregnancy during her Coachella performance Sunday ... she was also glowing thanks to a hefty, super expensive chain around her neck.

Celebrity jeweler Eliantte Avianne of Avianne & Co. tells us Cardi put the idea of doing a Lola Bunny Chain in his ear about two months ago, but waited until 5 days before her main stage Coachella debut to actually put in the order.

Avianne had to work overtime to get it done since the chain and pendant are littered with 110 carats of diamonds valued between $350k and $400k.

Cardi clearly liked it because she gave Avianne a shout-out on her social media from the festival wearing the expensive ice around her neck during Migos' set.

Scott Disick Oh Lord, There Goes $250k For New Custom Chain!!!

4/15/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Scott Disick might not be keeping up with the Kardashians as much these days, but he's keeping up with the rappers he hangs out with, and the proof is hanging around his neck.

The bling spells out "Disick" in bubble letters with 2,291 diamonds, weighing in at 33.87 carats. We're told lord D dropped $80k on the pendant alone, and another $170k on the white and yellow gold chain ... which has 66.56 carats of ice! 

Scott hangs with rappers like Quavo and Future, and we're told they inspired him to link up with Icebox Diamonds & Watches in Atlanta to get his own custom piece. 

We're told Scott was thrilled with the final product. He better be after spending quarter of a mil!

Drake's Dad New OVO Chain Left Unattended at LAX!!

4/13/2018 11:05 AM PDT

Drake's dad is getting a sick new OVO pendant, just in time for Coachella, but it could've been swiped at LAX.

We got celeb jeweler Boodaddy Diamonds after he landed at the airport, and he immediately gave Migos serious props for their jewelry game ... which they'll definitely be rocking this weekend at the music fest.

Boo told us he'll be backstage with several artists, and revealed the special piece he was delivering to Dennis Graham. The pendant is blanketed in diamonds, and pretty stunning. Even more stunning? BD stepped away from it in the middle of the airport!!

Someone had his back, though and in the end, Dennis got his jewelry ... which he bragged on last night.

Floyd Mayweather Surfaces In Miami After ATL Shooting

4/12/2018 5:52 AM PDT
Breaking News

Floyd Mayweather is ready to go out in public again ... sitting courtside at the Miami Heat game on Wednesday -- the first time we've seen him since the shooting in Atlanta.

As we previously reported, Mayweather's longtime bodyguard, Greg La Rosa, was shot during an ambush on Floyd's 3-vehicle entourage early Monday morning. Cops believe the entourage was specifically targeted. 

Cops are still trying to figure out why someone would want to kill Floyd or someone on his team -- but in the meantime, Mayweather picked up and went to Miami.

He didn't look scared ... Floyd was still rockin' his insanely expensive jewelry and was smiling -- but ya gotta think he's still concerned because cops have no arrests and have not named a suspect.

Rich the Kid Sweet Jesus!!! Drops $80k on New Album Bling

4/7/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Rich the Kid was like a mom in Target when he hit up the jewelry store -- he ended up leaving with way more than what was on his shopping list.

The rap star went to Mo Jooma -- owner of Atlanta's Icebox Diamonds & Watches -- last week to pick up a couple Rich Forever Music (RFM) pendants he'd ordered in honor of the success of his brand new album, "The World Is Yours."

We're told while he was there, Rich started browsing other bling, put on a chain with a shiny diamond Jesus piece and didn't want to take it off ... so he decided to buy that too.

He was telling people it made him feel like Kanye.

When it was all said and done, we're told the rapper's spending spree totaled around $80,000.

And we know the Kid didn't get finessed.

Drew Brees Here's My $8 Million* Diamond

4/5/2018 12:20 AM PDT

Here it is ... the first photo of the 4.09 carat blue diamond Drew Brees bought for $8.1 MILLION. 

It's pretty incredible ... but the QB says he overpaid by roughly $6 MILLION!

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Brees purchased the stone as an investment from Vahid Moradi of CJ Charles jewelers in San Diego back in 2015 -- but says he was completely duped

For his part, Moradi and his attorney Eric M. George deny all wrongdoing and say Brees has no one to blame but himself. 

Brees claims he trusted Moradi to get him the best prices on rare stones in the hopes of selling them for a profit at a later date. 

Brees says in 2018 he had the stone appraised by an independent specialist who told him the diamond was only worth $2 million when he bought it ... and it has since increased in value to $3.75 mil. 

There's more ... Brees is also furious over pink diamond earrings he bought in 2015 for $975k -- claiming Moradi used pink paint behind the diamond setting to make the stone appear more "pink" than its true color. 

Brees says the pink stones are only worth $176k. 

In total, Brees says he spent $15 mil with Moradi over the years -- but his stones are only worth roughly $6 mil ... a $9 million loss. 

For his part, Moradi says he did nothing wrong -- and claims Brees has no one to blame but himself. 

Rich The Kid Drew Brees Got Finessed ... Needs Goon Squad

4/4/2018 11:24 AM PDT

Drew Brees got clean finessed by his jeweler -- and the only way to stop it from happening again is to get some gangstas on his squad ... so says rap star Rich The Kid.

We broke the story ... Drew filed a lawsuit against San Diego jeweler Vahid Moradi claiming the bling he bought from Moradi over the years -- around $15 million worth -- was actually worth MILLIONS less.

For his part, Moradi and his attorney Eric M. George deny all wrongdoing and say Brees has no one to blame but himself. 

Rich is no stranger to ice (duh, rapper) so when we got him in ATL we asked him what he thought about the whole ordeal, and it's clear he thinks Brees took an L.

"He got finessed."

FYI -- for those of you who don't know, being finessed means to get played. If you don't know what getting played means it means to get duped. If you don't know what duped means we can't help.

All is not lost for Drew (what's a couple million right?) ... because Rich had advice to keep it from happening again.

"He needs some gangstas with him."

Drew Brees On Jewelry Lawsuit: 'It Was All a Scam'

4/4/2018 6:11 AM PDT
Breaking News

Drew Brees is speaking out on his lawsuit against a San Diego jeweler -- saying he trusted the man with $15 million in diamonds ... but "in the end it was all a scam."

TMZ Sports broke the story ... Brees sued Vahid Moradi of CJ Charles jewelers claiming Moradi misrepresented the quality and value of several high-priced diamonds over the years. 

In fact, Brees claimed he severely overpaid for an $8.1 MILLION blue diamond in 2015 -- which is really only worth about $3.75 mil. 

Now, Brees has issued a statement through his attorney Andrew Kim saying, "From 2010 to 2016, Moradi advised [my wife and I] to allocate funds into an alternative asset class of investment grade diamonds and told us that he would use his connections and expertise to acquire them on our behalf at or below market value."

"In an effort to diversify our investment portfolio, we trusted Moradi and invested. Moradi assured us he was being compensated by the sellers for any investment grade diamonds he acquired on our behalf."

"In the end it was all a scam. After thinking long and hard, Brittany and I decided to take this lawsuit on in part because we fear we are not the only ones Moradi has misled and defrauded."

Moradi has denied any wrongdoing -- with his attorney -- saying the fault lies with Brees. 

"Mr. Brees's behavior and his belief that he was wronged because the jewelry did not appreciate in value as quickly as he hoped both demonstrate a lack of integrity and contradict basic principles of both economics and the law."

Drew Brees Sues Over $8 Million Ring ... Jeweler Fires Back

4/3/2018 7:57 AM PDT

Drew Brees claims he was scammed out of MILLIONS by a jeweler who sold him an $8 MILLION diamond ring ... but the jeweler is saying Brees has no one to blame but himself.

The New Orleans Saints QB has filed a lawsuit against Vahid Moradi -- who runs the CJ Charles jewelry shop in San Diego, the city where Brees began his NFL career.

Brees claims he's been buying jewelry from Moradi for years -- and has dropped roughly $15 MILLION on some insane pieces ... including watches, earrings and rings.

Problem is ... Brees claims he recently had his jewelry independently appraised and was told his collection is worth $9 MILLION less than he paid. 

In his suit filed Monday ... Brees says Moradi had insisted his jewelry was a solid investment that would definitely go up in value over the years -- and feels he was lied to the entire time.

Brees claims the biggest hit he took was on a 4.09 carat blue diamond ring he bought in 2015 for $8.18 million ... which recently appraised for only $3.75 million.

But Moradi's high-powered attorney, Eric M. George, says Brees shouldn't be pointing the finger at Moradi ... he can only blame himself.

"Drew Brees aggressively purchased multi-million dollar pieces of jewelry. Years later, claiming to suffer ‘cash flow problems,’ he tried to bully my client into undoing the transactions."

"Mr. Brees’s behavior and his belief that he was wronged because the jewelry did not appreciate in value as quickly as he hoped both demonstrate a lack of integrity and contradict basic principles of both economics and the law."

"He should restrict his game-playing to the football field, and refrain from bullying honest, hard-working businessmen like my client."

Brees is seeking at least $9 million in damages. 

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