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香港六合彩开奖直播: Action Bronson Conor & Khabib, Scrap in Queens ... I'll Bring the Grub!

4/8/2018 10:54 AM PDT

Action Bronson says Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov don't have to wait for an octagon bout to beat each other bloody -- they can do it on his turf ... on a full stomach.

We got Bam Bam Saturday outside the Barclays Center in NYC ahead of UFC 223 -- where Khabib went on to strip McGregor of his lightweight world championship belt -- and he tells us the two fighters oughta duke it out in Queens ... Jamaica Ave, specifically.

Action says he'll be there, too, ready with the finest cuisine Jamaica, Queens has to offer -- patties! His pal and fellow UFC fighter, Ilir Latifi was with him as well, and he had a take on why Conor might've pulled the now-notorious bus stunt last week, which got him charged.

Let's just say he doesn't think it's all anger issues. 

BTW ... Khabib continued taunting Conor after winning the lightweight belt. Maybe he'll take Action up on his street fight suggestion ... Conor might pass, though. Just a thought.

Beyonce & Jay-Z Got 99 Problems A Fortress Ain't One!!!

4/8/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Beyonce and Jay-Z have their sights set on an impenetrable security compound ... and a comfortable one at that.

Bey and Jay wanna build a new 10-car carport and 2-car garage, complete with living quarters and security guard rooms at their baller Bel-Air property ... this according to building permits the Carters submitted, and obtained by TMZ.

The additions will each include a half bath and the garage will be a 2-story structure. They'll be strategically placed, too -- the carport will face the back road and the garage will face the road closest to the front of the house.

Beefing up security's smart -- the Carter family's hitting the road this summer to go on tour, and with all the prowlers and break-ins happening in L.A., they're making a preemptive strike to keep the crib secure.

Tiffany Haddish Pens 'Richard Pryor Diaries' Intro!!!

4/8/2018 12:50 AM PDT

Tiffany Haddish will introduce a man who needs no introduction, but will get it anyway, because he's the late, great and legendary Richard Pryor.

We're told Tiffany's writing the intro to the highly-anticipated 'Richard Pryor Diaries' ... a project spearheaded by Richard's wife, Jennifer Lee Pryor. The book's due out in October, but there's been tremendous buzz since TMZ broke the story that Richard did, in fact, bang Marlon Brando.

The book, of course, will dive into Richard's bisexuality, his home life and storied career.

We're told Tiffany jumped at the opportunity because Richard's one of her heroes. Tiffany, of course, attended a Laugh Factory camp back in the late '90s when she was in high school, which Pryor visited. He also mentored Tiffany, whose career skyrocketed since "Girls Trip."

Unclear what Tiffany's gonna let outta the bag -- she's good at that -- but pretty sure it'll be hilarious.

Richard's wife will be at a book signing Sunday for the reissue of Richard's book, "Pryor Convictions: And Other Life Sentences" at Book Soup in WeHo.

October can't come soon enough.

Bill Lawrence & Christa Miller Our New Condo Ain't for Scrubs

4/8/2018 12:40 AM PDT

"Scrubs" creator Bill Lawrence and his wife, Christa Miller -- one of the stars of the series -- are living the good life in NYC ... in a home fit for a Hollywood power couple.

Lawrence -- who also co-created "Cougar Town" and "Spin City" -- and Miller -- who also starred on "Cougar Town" and "The Drew Carey Show" -- dropped a cool $7.55 million on the 3-bed, 3.5-bath condo on Manhattan's Fifth Avenue.

The pristine pad features high ceilings and gallery walls, marble countertops and radiant-heated stone floors in the master bathroom ... as you can see in the pics by Travis Mark. Their condo's in a recently renovated 1912 building ... featuring a top-of-the-line fitness center, yoga studio and screening room.

The couple probably had no problem with the hefty price tag on their new NYC home, though ... because they just sold their Malibu home in November for $21 mil -- after paying $4.5 mil for it in 2003.

Luke Terry 1-Armed Baseball Player Hits Like a Beast!

4/8/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Luke Terry -- the 15-year-old catcher who only has one arm -- CAN HIT ... and TMZ Sports has the incredible video!!!

Video of Terry playing catcher went viral this week ... showing the athlete catching the ball with his mitt and then flipping it to himself to throw back to the pitcher.

The footage inspired millions of people, including Deion Sanders who reached out to Terry to send him new, high-quality baseball gear. 

We spoke with Terry who says his baseball dreams include playing at the college level and then GOING PRO, BABY!!! 

"I'd like to play in the MLB, too," Terry says ... noting he's always had a passion for the sport. 

But, the best part of this story is listening to Terry's approach on life -- and how he HATES the word "can't."

In fact, Terry says he feels like a superhero when he goes out on the field and competes -- because he knows other kids look up to him and he's all about being a positive role model. 


Rapper To Odell Beckham Jr. You Made Me Viral ... NOW DO MY VIDEO!!!

4/8/2018 12:15 AM PDT

Odell Beckham Jr. just got the offer of a lifetime. No, not a new contract from the NY Giants -- this is an offer for OBJ to do what he TRULY wants in life ... dance in a rap video.

TMZ Sports spoke with super hot new NY rapper Flipp Dinero -- the guy who Odell blew up last week when video of Beckham dancing to Dinero's song "Leave Me Alone" went viral.

Flipp told us he's still super turnt that Odell chose his song to get busy to, and when we asked if he wants Odell to appear in the video, he made it clear ... HE DOES.

"Hell yeah, I just want Odell to be there. Just because he showed love off GP, I'm showing love off GP, too."

BTW Odell danced to the song (we think) to send a message -- he just wants people to let him live his life ... but Flipp says the track isn't about that, it's about what most songs are about.

A woman.

'Big Brother 2' Winner Dr. Will Kirby to the Rescue ... Twice!!!

4/7/2018 2:46 PM PDT

Dr. Will Kirby, known for being one of the best 'Big Brother' winners of all time, scored a 2-for-1 deal at the movies Friday night -- see one film ... help save 2 lives.

Sources at Cinemark Playa Vista in L.A. tell us ... the Doc was with his wife watching "Blockers" when people began screaming in the middle of it and the lights came on. We're told they were shouting for medical assistance for a man having a seizure in the front row.

Dr. Will sprinted down and stabilized the man for about 20 minutes until EMS showed up and took him to the hospital. We're told management then addressed the crowd, Will got a standing ovation ... and they played the second half of the film.

That's a lot of action already, but it didn't stop there. We're told as Will was leaving, theater workers caught him and asked if he could help care for a girl who was seeing "A Quiet Place" who'd also suffered a seizure. Dr. Will stepped up again and stabilized her until help arrived ... and got another standing O.

We spoke to Kirby, who tells us ... "It was an amazing feeling to put my skills to use ... and unbelievably refreshing to see how positive, helpful and truly concerned all the moviegoers were. People were helping in any way possible to complete strangers, which was inspiring."

He also says Cinemark hooked him up with a bunch of free movie passes.

Quentin Tarantino Kid at Heart ... Hops on Mini Mystery Machine

4/7/2018 11:58 AM PDT

Quentin Tarantino's no stranger to pushing the envelope ... and that applies to the age limits on rides meant for children.

The famous director was seen at a Super A Foods market in L.A. Friday afternoon, and couldn't resist a ride on the coin-operated kiddie ride in front ... which happened to be a mini-version of Scooby-Doo's Mystery Machine.

We're told it looked like Tarantino was at the grocery store with other Hollywood types scouting for a movie. He hasn't made a film since 2015's "The Hateful Eight" ... but he's been linked to an upcoming 'Star Trek' and a third installment of the 'Kill Bill' franchise.

It's unclear if Quentin's kiddie ride experience was part of the scouting or not.

Cardi B Wears Ridiculous Dress ... To Hide Pregnancy!!!

4/7/2018 7:11 AM PDT

It's just getting absurd ... Cardi B barely made it through the door for her performance Friday night in Miami .... her dress was so damn big, and of course we know why.

Cardi performed at E11EVEN nightclub in Miami, arriving at around 2:30 AM with a new platinum do and a metallic red and pink striped dress.  

TMZ broke the story Cardi is pregnant, but she's been denying and then hiding it, although the secret is now impossible to keep under wraps.

She made enough money for a baby stroller for sure ... check out the dollar bills on the stage. 

Cardi B may be pregnant, but it's not cramping her style. She's flying to NYC today for her performance on "SNL."

Travis Scott Stormi's Party Needs Flowers ... I Got This, Mom!!!

4/7/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Travis Scott's mom is throwing her grandbaby, Stormi, a welcome party -- for his side of the family -- and the rapper's making sure the floral arrangements are on point ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the storm-themed shindig tell us Travis picked up the bill for 6 floral sculptures and stands, which display lightning bolts going through clouds of roses, orchids and hydrangeas. The raindrops are Swarovski crystals!

We're told Travis dropped $7,145 on the whole thing.

Our sources say Kylie will be there for Stormi's first meeting with the Webster fam -- and the celebration's going down at the Missouri City, TX house Travis bought his mom for Christmas.

It's unclear if any other members of the Kardashian/Jenner crew will be there, but with Khloe expecting to give birth any day now ... we can probably rule her out.

Parkland Leader David Hogg Wanna Get Political? Join My Club!

4/6/2018 10:00 PM PDT

David Hogg's ready for another major rally -- getting students nationwide to sign up for his political activism club.

We're told David and the March for Our Lives leaders will be launching a new platform for students to create school clubs and engage them in political activism. Here's how it'll go down -- students will be able to go on the MFOL's website and create a club for their school anywhere in the good ol' US of A.

From there ... students get support and help with:

-- Letter-writing campaigns to lawmakers

-- Hosting town halls

-- Planning future marches (like March for Our Lives)

-- Starting voter registration drives 

-- Supporting candidates who support the MFOL mission (either Democrat or Republican)

-- Helping students get on campaign trails 

It should be noted ... the club is nonpartisan. The goal's to give students the resources they need to get politically active and make it easy for them to become engaged. 

Michael Bisping Conor McGregor Will Bounce Back ... But Don't Drop the Soap!!!

4/7/2018 7:03 AM PDT

UFC Middleweight fighter Michael Bisping is extremely forgiving of Conor McGregor's violent antics, but apparently still thinks jail time is in Conor's future.

Bisping, who himself is a smack-talkin' bad boy, was leaving Mr. Chow in Bev Hills Friday night with pal Mickey Rourke

Michael scoffs at the idea Conor is finished -- after getting arrested for throwing a dolly into a UFC bus and injuring multiple fighters -- and says everyone f's up and that doesn't define the rest of their lives.

And this is interesting ... Conor brought his boyz along for the attack, and Michael doesn't flinch when our photog characterizes it as a gang.  

Stormy Daniels' Lawyer There's A Lot Left to Reveal ... And I'm Not Bluffing

4/7/2018 6:47 AM PDT

Stormy Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti, says her legal war with Donald Trump has only just begun, and many more juicy details will come to light ... if necessary.

We got Stormy's attorney at LAX Friday evening, who tells us although a lot of their case info has been disclosed ... it's only scratched the surface. So our guy asks about the ominous disc tweet from a couple weeks back ... and Avenatti suggests it's more than just a warning shot.

Avenatti also says Trump's public denial Thursday of having knowledge about the $130k payment his lawyer, Michael Cohen, made to Stormy for their "hush" agreement only helps him in getting the POTUS to sit for a deposition.

As for the REALLY "private" matters between Stormy and Trump -- Avenatti says nothing's off the table if his client keeps getting portrayed as a liar.

Oh, dear.

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