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六合彩印刷图库: Gucci Mane Cuts Three Year Line ... To Buy Brand New $600k Ferrari

4/8/2018 11:22 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Gucci Mane ain't close to your regular luxury sports car shopper, not even for one of the newest Ferrari models out -- he jumps right to the front of a long line just like ... this.

Sources tell us Gucci recently purchased a brand new 2018 Ferrari 812 Superfast -- which debuted last year ... and has a strict 3-year wait list for average Joe rich folks. Gucci isn't your run-of-the-mill baller though -- he got his delivered within 24 hours of ordering it.

The proud new owner posted a photo of himself with his Ferrari, which got dropped off Sunday morning.

We're told Gucci dropped a whopping $600,000 for the whip, courtesy of Obi Okeke, AKA Doctor Bugatti. Okeke dabbles in high-end rides like this -- just ask Arnold Schwarzenegger and even Floyd Mayweather ... they know what we're talking about. 

Gucci's Ferrari is definitely built for speed -- 800 HP, V-12 engine, goes from 0 to 60 mph in about 3 seconds ... and tops out at about 211 mph. That's what we call getting the bag!

Cardi B OK, Cat's Outta the Bag ... Baby Bump on Full Display on 'SNL'

4/8/2018 4:31 AM PDT

Cardi B's well-hidden baby bump surfaced in all its glory during a performance on "SNL."

The rapper finally confirmed the story TMZ broke weeks ago ... that's she's pregnant with her first child.  She left no room for doubt in the super tight white dress she wore during her second performance on the show.

Cardi sang 2 songs from her album, "Invasion of Privacy" -- "Bodak Yellow" and "Be Careful."  During the first performance the bump was masked in feathers, but the second left no doubt.

As we reported, our sources say she's due the first week in July.

Cardi's set to perform at Coachella next week, and there's no signs she pulling out like Beyonce did last year.  The difference -- there are no complications with Cardi -- as far as we know -- so it's full steam ahead for the desert. 

Official congrats!!!

Action Bronson Conor & Khabib, Scrap in Queens ... I'll Bring the Grub!

4/8/2018 10:54 AM PDT

Action Bronson says Conor McGregor and Khabib Nurmagomedov don't have to wait for an octagon bout to beat each other bloody -- they can do it on his turf ... on a full stomach.

We got Bam Bam Saturday outside the Barclays Center in NYC ahead of UFC 223 -- where Khabib went on to strip McGregor of his lightweight world championship belt -- and he tells us the two fighters oughta duke it out in Queens ... Jamaica Ave, specifically.

Action says he'll be there, too, ready with the finest cuisine Jamaica, Queens has to offer -- patties! His pal and fellow UFC fighter, Ilir Latifi was with him as well, and he had a take on why Conor might've pulled the now-notorious bus stunt last week, which got him charged.

Let's just say he doesn't think it's all anger issues. 

BTW ... Khabib continued taunting Conor after winning the lightweight belt. Maybe he'll take Action up on his street fight suggestion ... Conor might pass, though. Just a thought.

Bush Concert Fan Gets Bush-Whacked ... After Rushing Stage

4/8/2018 7:19 AM PDT

The guys in Bush had a rough go of it Saturday night, as the fans tried hijacking the concert.

It went down at Caesars Palace in Atlantic City ... when Gavin Rossdale invited a bunch of women up on stage for their hit, "Comedown."  Check out the dude who wanted a piece of the action.  He was bum-rushed by security and removed in short order.

And then a woman tries to karaoke her version of the song ... not cool.

Fortunately it all happened toward the end of the concert.

Beyonce & Jay-Z Got 99 Problems A Fortress Ain't One!!!

4/8/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Beyonce and Jay-Z have their sights set on an impenetrable security compound ... and a comfortable one at that.

Bey and Jay wanna build a new 10-car carport and 2-car garage, complete with living quarters and security guard rooms at their baller Bel-Air property ... this according to building permits the Carters submitted, and obtained by TMZ.

The additions will each include a half bath and the garage will be a 2-story structure. They'll be strategically placed, too -- the carport will face the back road and the garage will face the road closest to the front of the house.

Beefing up security's smart -- the Carter family's hitting the road this summer to go on tour, and with all the prowlers and break-ins happening in L.A., they're making a preemptive strike to keep the crib secure.

Rapper To Odell Beckham Jr. You Made Me Viral ... NOW DO MY VIDEO!!!

4/8/2018 12:15 AM PDT

Odell Beckham Jr. just got the offer of a lifetime. No, not a new contract from the NY Giants -- this is an offer for OBJ to do what he TRULY wants in life ... dance in a rap video.

TMZ Sports spoke with super hot new NY rapper Flipp Dinero -- the guy who Odell blew up last week when video of Beckham dancing to Dinero's song "Leave Me Alone" went viral.

Flipp told us he's still super turnt that Odell chose his song to get busy to, and when we asked if he wants Odell to appear in the video, he made it clear ... HE DOES.

"Hell yeah, I just want Odell to be there. Just because he showed love off GP, I'm showing love off GP, too."

BTW Odell danced to the song (we think) to send a message -- he just wants people to let him live his life ... but Flipp says the track isn't about that, it's about what most songs are about.

A woman.

Cardi B Wears Ridiculous Dress ... To Hide Pregnancy!!!

4/7/2018 7:11 AM PDT

It's just getting absurd ... Cardi B barely made it through the door for her performance Friday night in Miami .... her dress was so damn big, and of course we know why.

Cardi performed at E11EVEN nightclub in Miami, arriving at around 2:30 AM with a new platinum do and a metallic red and pink striped dress.  

TMZ broke the story Cardi is pregnant, but she's been denying and then hiding it, although the secret is now impossible to keep under wraps.

She made enough money for a baby stroller for sure ... check out the dollar bills on the stage. 

Cardi B may be pregnant, but it's not cramping her style. She's flying to NYC today for her performance on "SNL."

Travis Scott Stormi's Party Needs Flowers ... I Got This, Mom!!!

4/7/2018 1:00 AM PDT

Travis Scott's mom is throwing her grandbaby, Stormi, a welcome party -- for his side of the family -- and the rapper's making sure the floral arrangements are on point ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the storm-themed shindig tell us Travis picked up the bill for 6 floral sculptures and stands, which display lightning bolts going through clouds of roses, orchids and hydrangeas. The raindrops are Swarovski crystals!

We're told Travis dropped $7,145 on the whole thing.

Our sources say Kylie will be there for Stormi's first meeting with the Webster fam -- and the celebration's going down at the Missouri City, TX house Travis bought his mom for Christmas.

It's unclear if any other members of the Kardashian/Jenner crew will be there, but with Khloe expecting to give birth any day now ... we can probably rule her out.

Rich the Kid Sweet Jesus!!! Drops $80k on New Album Bling

4/7/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Rich the Kid was like a mom in Target when he hit up the jewelry store -- he ended up leaving with way more than what was on his shopping list.

The rap star went to Mo Jooma -- owner of Atlanta's Icebox Diamonds & Watches -- last week to pick up a couple Rich Forever Music (RFM) pendants he'd ordered in honor of the success of his brand new album, "The World Is Yours."

We're told while he was there, Rich started browsing other bling, put on a chain with a shiny diamond Jesus piece and didn't want to take it off ... so he decided to buy that too.

He was telling people it made him feel like Kanye.

When it was all said and done, we're told the rapper's spending spree totaled around $80,000.

And we know the Kid didn't get finessed.

Wale 'WaleMania' In New Orleans Parties With Whole Damn WWE

4/6/2018 2:08 PM PDT

Note: Being a huge rapper is an amazing thing.

Just ask rap superstar Wale, who's a gigantic WWE fan -- and proved it by partying with the whole damn organization down in New Orleans Thursday night.

Of course, it's Wrestlemania weekend -- and Wale (whose new single "Negotiations" dropped Friday) had celebrated in the Crescent City with an event called "WaleMania."

If you were wondering who came out -- the answer is EVERYONE. Mojo Rawley, Alicia Foxx, and Rob Van Dam (decked out in rapper Westside Gunn's chain) all showed up to turn up with Wale.

Look at that ... rappers, wrestlers and fans all together, and absolutely ZERO chairs (or dollies) thrown.


Justin Bieber On Conor McGregor: 'We All Make Mistakes'

4/6/2018 1:32 PM PDT

Justin Bieber isn't ready to write off Conor McGregor just yet ... telling TMZ Sports when it comes to the UFC's violent attack, "We all make mistakes."

Bieber has been following McGregor's career for years -- and publicly supported him when Conor fought Nate Diaz back in 2016. 

He even vouched for McGregor's toughness before Conor fought his old friend, Floyd Mayweather

So, when we saw Biebs out in Beverly Hills following a gym workout with his crew, we had to ask if he was concerned for Conor moving forward. 

"I think Conor will be fine," Justin says ... "We all make mistakes."

The big question now ... will Dana White be as forgiving as Bieber when it comes to Conor's future

Dolly Parton All-Star Dinner with McCartney Guess Who Paid?

4/6/2018 11:04 AM PDT

If Dolly Parton and Sir Paul McCartney break bread ... who picks up the tab? Dolly actually gave us the answer!

We got the legend Thursday night on her way out of Crossroads Kitchen in L.A., and the first thing our camera guy asked her about was the big L -- LOVE! After all, she WILL always love you ... so she's kind of an expert in the field.

Second topic ... her fabulous dinner. We'd gotten word Sir Paul was inside, so we asked if they were together, and she said yes! Famed songwriter Linda Perry was with 'em too, and walked Dolly out to her car. 

As for who paid? DP didn't hesitate to name names, and she was grateful!

Chris Brown Gets Pissed at Valet ... 'I Should Knock You Out'

4/6/2018 8:16 AM PDT

Chris Brown went off on the valet parking attendant outside TAO Los Angeles, threatening to put hands on the guy for some reason.

Chris and a group of friends were leaving the hot spot Thursday night, when he got into an argument over the service charge. We don't know the numbers, but it's clear Chris thinks he's being rooked because he says, "I should knock you out."

CB, standing inches from the guy's face, says the only reason he isn't throwing down is because there are too many cameras around. He eventually forks over some dough, but also issues a final threat.

As Chris put it ... there's gonna be a sequel between himself and the valet.

The whole scene reminded us of another run-in Chris had 5 years ago at PINZ bowling alley in Studio City. No violence that time either, but man, does Breezy have parking lot issues!

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