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六合彩开码: Lindsey Vonn Women Will Compete vs. Men ... 'No One Likes Change'

4/22/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Lindsey Vonn says women competing against men in sports like skiing is a matter of WHEN, not if ... and it would've happened already if people weren't so opposed to change. 

Lindsey -- arguably the GOAT female skier -- has been pushing to race with the bros for years ... but the International Ski Federation still hasn't signed off. 

The Olympic gold medalist admits it may not happen during her career ... but says she's hopeful the old heads will eventually get it right.

"No one likes change, you know?" Vonn told TMZ Sports. "It’ll eventually happen -- it’s just, how long will it take?"

Don't worry -- we didn't forget to ask Lindsey about her, shall we say, unique dress at the ACM Awards ... and you could tell she ain't sweatin' the haters even a little. 

Simone Biles' BF Box Jumps Biles!!! ... Simone Mildly Impressed

4/19/2018 7:53 AM PDT
Breaking News

Ever jump clear over YOUR OWN GIRLFRIEND for fun?

Guessing the answer is, "hell no" -- unless you're Simone Biles' BF, Stacey Ervin Jr

Here's Stacey -- a former Team USA gymnast -- and Simone having an average day at the office ... seeing if Ervin can box jump the entire height of his boo -- who he's been IG official with since last summer. 

Dude clears it with ease -- but says Biles was "only a little impressed." (WHAT!)

Yeah, she's only 4'9'' ... but that's some damn impressive ups. 

Fun fact: Stacey's been flyin' around the ring in hopes of a career in WWE ... and after seeing this, we're pretty sure he can cut it.  

Usain Bolt Message to MLS Teams: 'Bring the Big Contracts!'

4/16/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Usain Bolt says he ain't ruling out the MLS for his budding pro soccer career -- IF their squads show him the money!! 

FYI, Bolt's been seriously pursuing footy since he retired from the track last year. Most recently, he was out tearin' up the pitch with Bundesliga's Borussia Dortmund ... and Manchester United is his dream team.

But when we got the World's Fastest Man at LAX, we had to ask if MLS teams like the L.A. Galaxy even had a shot. 

Bolt's response -- "Bring the big contracts!" 

Guessing MLS can't offer Premier League money ... but there are other perks that come with playing in L.A. (right, Zlatan Ibrahimovic?). 

Bonus: We also asked Usain if he would consider the 2020 Olympics if the whole soccer thing doesn't pan out ... and he let us know. 

Cam Newton Helps Special Olympics Athletes In Awesome Shopping Spree!

4/13/2018 6:55 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Cam Newton did a really cool thing in Atlanta on Thursday ... rolling through a DICK'S Sporting Goods store to help a bunch of Special Olympics athletes crush a $200 shopping spree!!!

We're told there were 17 athletes at the store -- all local kids (from the same area where Cam grew up) ranging in age from 5 to 18.

Each athlete got $200 to spend in the store ($3,400 in total) -- from shoes to training gear or jerseys -- and Cam made sure each kid got the best stuff!

In fact, when one of the athletes (a Golden State Warriors fan) was having trouble deciding between a Steph Curry jersey and a Kevin Durant jersey ... Cam helped the guy make up his mind. 

Wanna guess which one he chose?  

BTW, props to Cam, the Cam Newton Foundation and the Special Olympics ... very cool stuff. 

Usain Bolt's GF Half Naked & Heaven-Sent ... for Jamaican Carnival

4/9/2018 10:30 AM PDT

Usain Bolt's smokin' hot GF has broken out a Victoria's Secret-esque wardrobe for Carnival in Jamaica, begging a very important question ...


Don't worry -- doesn't seem like Kasi Bennett's trippin' on Bolt breakin' it down others ... remember that legendary hall pass she allegedly gave him during the Olympics? 

But if we were The World's Fastest Man, we'd get down to wherever the hell Kasi is ASAP -- 'cause ain't nothin' gonna top what we see here.

Interesting side note ... Bennett tagged Bolt in one of her pics -- in a, let's say, "unique" location -- but is she doing that 'cause he's there, or 'cause she wants his attention?

Whatever -- you got ours, Kasi.

Usain Bolt Bump & Grind With Insanely Hot Model ... Pass Is Still Valid?

4/7/2018 12:20 AM PDT
Exclusive Details

Here's a video that makes us wonder if Usain Bolt's "pass" from his GF is still valid ... the Jamaican sprinter is grinding up on one of the hottest women on earth.

The lady's name is Zahra Elise, and she has nearly 1 million followers on Instagram because of her incredible, natural gifts and the fact that she's a "Wild 'N Out" girl/video model.

Bolt and Zahra are apparently cool, because there's video of the two grinding on each other down in the Caribbean recently with a caption on it that reads "Missed you too." (She posted it).

Of course, we know Bolt has a longtime GF, Kasi Bennett, but we also know that she doesn't seem to mind UB gettin' his dagger game (dancing) on with the ladies in the club ... THE GRIND PASS.

BTW ... we reached out to Zahra -- she says they're just friends, anyway ... and you're just about to look at the gallery of her below.

Ex-NFL RB Isaiah Pead Gunnin' for Paralympic Gold ... After Losing Leg

4/2/2018 12:30 AM PDT

Former NFL running back Isaiah Pead ain't gonna let a life-changing accident rob him of his athletic dreams ... telling TMZ Sports he's now on a quest for Paralympic gold!! 

We spoke to Isaiah 16 months after he lost most of his left leg in a car crash ... and he told us he's planning on hittin' the track in hopes of crushing the 2020, 2024 and 2028 Summer Paralympics.

"If they let me on the track, I'm goin' for the gold, period."

Pead says he's still in the early stages -- getting a prosthesis and sponsorship -- but he's confident everything will come together.

If and when it does, the ex-Rams and Dolphins RB says he's gunnin' for the podium in the 400 -- an event he dominated back when he was a high school sprinter.

As for his long-term goals -- "3 gold medals, 3 Paralympics. God willing, that's a hell of a career right there."


Lindsey Vonn I'm Happy For Tiger! 'He's Playin' Pretty Well'

3/21/2018 1:02 PM PDT

Lindsey Vonn is super EX-cited Tiger Woods doesn't suck at his job anymore ... telling TMZ Sports she's really happy her old boyfriend's showing signs of his old dominance.

ICYMI -- Tiger has been CRUSHING it on the links recently. He's had 2 top-5 finishes in the last 2 PGA Tournaments -- his best finishes in over 4 years.

Vonn -- who dated Woods from 2013-2015 -- tweeted about Tiger's performance over the weekend, proclaiming "I’m pretty sure golf just got popular again! Let’s go!"

NBA's Chase Budinger Gunnin' for Olympic Gold Medal ... But Not in B-Ball!

3/18/2018 12:40 AM PDT

Former NBA stud Chase Budinger says ballin' for Team USA is his ultimate career goal -- even though he's done with pro hoops!

Here's the deal ... last year, 29-year-old Budinger hung it up and moved back to volleyball, the other sport he used to dominate. (Fun fact: he was the #1 men's volleyball player back in high school.)

Chase tells TMZ Sports he and 2-time Olympian Sean Rosenthal are gearin' up for their 1st season as a beach v-ball team ... and he's hoping they can go all the way in the 2020 Games once they crush a couple summers on the sand.

We wouldn't doubt him -- remember, this is the guy who channeled Billy Hoyle and JUMPED OVER DIDDY at the 2012 Slam Dunk Contest!

Score 1 For Sally Son Sam Meets Adam Rippon!!!

3/11/2018 7:46 AM PDT

Sally Field is deliciously diabolical ... and her plan for her son to meet Adam Rippon worked!!!

Sally was trying to set her kid, Sam Greisman, up with the Olympian and after some back and forth on social media, the 2 mugged for the camera at the 2018 Human Rights Campaign Gala Dinner in L.A., where Adam received the Visibility Award.

Sam was not bashful about his mom's noble efforts, saying on social media Rippon was "insanely pretty."  He added, "Honestly, if this past week has taught me anything it's that all my crushes better look out 'cuz my mommy is gonna put them on blast."

Mission accomplished ... at least they met. 

Aly Raisman Drops 'Survivor' Swimsuit For Child Sex Abuse Awareness

3/8/2018 12:39 PM PST
Breaking News

Aly Raisman is steppin' up for causes that hit close to home on women's day -- and she's lookin' damn good doin' it.

The Team USA star -- who took Larry Nassar to task at his sexual assault trial -- just debuted a "survivor" swimsuit by Aerie ... a women's clothing brand dedicated to body positivity.

But Aly says the super-scoop 1-piece was designed with an even greater purpose in mind -- to raise awareness for all the kids victimized by sexual abuse ... just like her and the hundreds of gymnasts who Nassar targeted.

100% of the cash spent on the suits is going to Darkness to Light ... an organization "empowering adults to prevent, recognize and react responsibly to child's sexual abuse." 

FYI, Raisman sued the U.S. Olympic Committee last week over the "serial molestation, sexual abuse and harassment" she suffered at the hands of Nassar ... and she's been actively campaigning to make sure an atrocity like the Nassar scandal never happens again.


Adam Rippon If I Get a Movie ... Meryl Streep Should Play Me!

3/7/2018 6:29 AM PST

He's got one helluva story ... and if Adam Rippon ever gets the "I, Tonya" movie treatment, he wants Meryl Streep to play him on screen! 

"She's the most accomplished and ready for the role," Rippon told us on the way out of 'Watch What Happens Live' in New York. 

The only problem ... can Meryl hit a triple axel?! 

The Olympic figure skater (who's openly gay) says he's been living it up ever since he came back from South Korea -- where he won bronze in the team figure skating event. 

He's already met his celebrity crush, Shawn Mendes -- and now tells us he's got a new smokeshow he wants to hang with!

Aly Raisman Sues U.S. Olympic Committe Over Nassar Sexual Abuse

3/2/2018 6:14 AM PST
Breaking News

Team USA gymnastics star Aly Raisman is going after the U.S. Olympic Committee in court over the "serial molestation, sexual abuse and harassment" from Larry Nassar -- saying USOC could have prevented it.

Raisman says she continues to suffer from depression, anxiety and fear stemming from the abuse she suffered at the hands of the former Team USA doctor. 

She also claims her psychological trauma includes "not trusting adult males."

Raisman says in her docs she always thought Nassar was "weird" and questioned why she was told he was the "best gymnastics doctor in the world." Once she realized his medical techniques were really sexual abuse, she felt "humiliation, guilt, shame and disgust."

Raisman claims the USOC touts itself for being committed to "creating a safe and positive environment for athletes" ... but failed by allowing Nassar to sexually assault dozens and dozens of female gymnasts.

One example ... Raisman claims USOC did not provide properly trained medical professionals to supervise Nassar's exams. 

She also says USOC concealed its knowledge of Nassar's molestation of minor female gymnasts -- despite the fact they knew as early as 2015. 

She's suing for damages. 

Meanwhile, Nassar is locked up in an Arizona prison -- where he'll likely die.

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